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Dates set for WoodEX for Africa 2018

WoodEX for Africa, the largest trade exhibition in Africa dedicated exclusively to the timber trade, is gearing up for its milestone fifth instalment taking place at Gallagher Estate in Midrand from 11-13 July 2018. WoodEX for Africa is a timber-focussed trade exhibition hosted biennially and offers a unique business and networking platform to connect, unify and grow the African timber,

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Timber and Carbon Storage

Did you know that timber plays a significant role in carbon storage? Therefore, by choosing timber in design and construction projects this can help in tackling climate change in several ways. How does the storage process work? As the growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere they store it as carbon in places such as their leaves, wood and other

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Timber construction and the environment

Choosing timber frame building shows that you care about the environment and the planet. Here are the many reasons why:   Timber buildings are carbon sinks Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide while they grow. The carbon dioxide is stored in the sawn timber for the lifespan of the building.   Timber buildings require much lower processing energy Carbon dioxide

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