Embodied energy of timber

Embodied energy refers to the energy consumed in providing materials for building construction. It includes the extraction and processing of raw materials, along with manufacturing, transport and product delivery processes. The embodied energy of a building can be lowered by using locally available, natural materials that are both durable and recyclable, with a design that incorporates components that are easy to

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Regulations and nail-plated timber roofs

The Institute for Timber Construction (ITC-SA) offers some important information regarding regulations and nail-plated timber roofs. When placing your truss order confirm that the truss fabricator holds the current year’s ITC-SA Certificate of Competence. This should be displayed in the office premises. Ensure that the timber is stamped with the designed structural grade value (e.g. S5) together with the certification

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Beware: Fraudulent engineering certificates

The Institute for Timber Construction-SA (ITC-SA) frequently receives complaints regarding failing roof structures. Normally, the resolution of a complaint is fairly easy where an ITC-SA Fabricator, Erector, Inspector or Accredited Engineer employed to oversee the project is a current member of the Institute. However, in recent cases in KwaZulu-Natal, the ITC-SA found that fraudulent engineering certificates were issued over some residential timber roof structures. The certificates issued were copies of

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