Short Description

An Accredited Timber Engineer (ACC. TE) is a practicing professional who will traditionally come from the built environment, must have prior experience in roof design and construction, and must already be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa as a professional engineer or professional engineering technologist.

The applicant will also be required to provide proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance recognizing cover for structural design in timber roof structures.

Lastly, the applicant shall provide a comprehensive CV of work done (portfolio of evidence) confirming under whose mentorship he/she received training to confirm competence in timber structure design and construction. The application shall be tendered at the ITC-SA Technical Engineering Advisory Committee for vetting and approval by his/her peers in the industry.

On approval of the Accredited Timber Engineer, the applicant will receive his/her Registration Certificate.

Before confirmation of the set requirements, the applicant Timber Engineer will be referred to as a Probationary Timber Engineer.

Criteria for obtaining the Professional Designation

For the Professional Designation to be awarded, professionals must comply with the following minimum requirements:

Criteria for retaining the Professional Designation

In order to ensure the currency of professional knowledge and to retain the Professional Designation, the professional must comply with the following minimum requirements:

Professional Designation Progression Pathway

The Professional Designation progression pathway is: