Short Description

A Fabricator Designer (timber roof structure) is a practicing designer who will traditionally come from the built environment and who must have passed the prescribed ITC-SA examinations as well as the prescribed System Software courses.

Prior experience in roof design and construction, and registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa as an Engineering Technician will be beneficial to the Fabricator Designer, but will not be compulsory.

A Fabricator Designer employed by a Fabricator Member must after completion of his/her probationary period (usually not more than 3 (three) months), apply for Probationary Designer Membership while completing all requirements listed for recognition as a Fabricator Designer in the specified category.

A Probationary Designer Member shall always work under the guidance and mentorship of a System Engineer or Senior Designer that is employed by the Fabricator Member.

The applicant designer shall provide a comprehensive CV and portfolio of evidence with regards to design work done to date and which the ITC-SA can evaluate in the substantiation of the application in a specified category. The CV and portfolio of work done (portfolio of evidence) must confirm under whose mentorship he/she received training to confirm competence in timber structure design and construction.

The Fabricator Designer designation shall provide for registration in the following categories:

  1. CATEGORY A – (High Risk):
    Very Complex roofs, including
    1. Scissors Trusses > 5 meter span
    2. Site Splicing
    3. Attics and Dormers
    4. Spans greater than 10 meter span
    5. Piggy Back Trusses
    6. Cantilevers greater than 2 meters
    7. Complex Industrial
    8. Complex Commercial
    9. Laminated Timber Roof Structures
    10. Public Buildings & Schools
    11. Floor Joist designs with spans greater than 6 meters
  2. CATEGORY B – (Medium Risk):
    Complex Domestic and Simple Industrial and Commercial Roofs, including up to 10 meter span:
    1. 2.1 Hips and Valleys up to 10 meter span
    2. Nonstandard Loads
    3. Scissor Trusses up to 5 meter span
    4. Floor Joist designs with spans greater than 6 meters
  3. CATEGORY C – (Low Risk):
    Simple Roofs up to and including 8.5 meter span with standard loadings, including:
    1. Valleys
    2. Girders and special support Cleats
    3. Stub-ends
    4. Cantilevers up to 2 meter cantilevers
    5. Simple Hips (maximum span 8.5 meter)
    6. Minimum pitch 15 degrees
    1. Gable to Gable roofs (no hips or valleys) up to
    2. meter span.
    3. No hips or Valleys greater than 2.0 meters.

The successful completion of the ITC-SA examinations and System training modules, as well as experience and proven competence to design within one of the categories above will determine the category of registration with the ITC-SA. The applicant Designer will be referred to as a Probationary Designer until the required standard of training and experience has been attained.

Criteria for obtaining the Fabricator Designer Professional Designation

For the FABRICATOR DESIGNER designation in the various categories to be awarded, designers must comply with the following minimum requirements:

Criteria for retaining the Professional Designation

In order to ensure the currency of professional knowledge and to retain the categorised Designer Designation, the designer must comply with the following minimum requirements:

Professional Designation Progression Pathway

The Fabricator Designation progression pathway is: