SAQA registered unit standards

SAQA – Understanding Roof Erection Documents

SAQA – Understanding Roof Terminology and Concepts

SAQA – Understanding Structural Material in the Roofing Industry

SAQA – Understanding Truss Manufacturing and Roof Design

SAQA – Apply Trigonometry Equations to Calculate Pitch, Height and Span

SAQA – Construct, Manufacture and Erect Specialist Site Made Bolted Trusses

SAQA – Cut and Prepare Timber for Roof Truss Assembly

SAQA – Demonstrate an Understanding of a Roofing Business Environment

SAQA – Demonstrate an Understanding of Basic Theory of Structures and Structural Behaviour Relative to Steel Structures

SAQA – Erect and Brace Roof Structure

SAQA – Erect Roof Trusses

SAQA – Explain the Dynamic Interaction of the Various Elements to a Functional Roof Structure

SAQA – Identify, Collect and Move Timber for Roof Truss Manufacturing

SAQA – Inspect and Quality Assure Timber Roof Truss Products and Documentation

SAQA – Manage Health and Safety Measures in Relevant Workplace in Timber Roof Truss Plant

SAQA – Manufacture and Construct Site Made Bolted Trusses

SAQA – Manufacture Timber Roof Trusses

SAQA – Organise and Control Roof Carpentry Activities

SAQA – Receive, Sort and Store Incoming Material into Grades and Sizes in a Roof Truss Manufacturing Environment

SAQA – Recommend Material Best Suited for Roof Design

SAQA – Set Jig, Assemble, Press, Handle and Store Nail-plated Timber Roof Trusses

SAQA – Demonstrate an Understanding of Timber Roof Truss Manufacturing Environment