Erector Company

Companies applying for Erector membership of the ITC-SA undertake to abide by the following:

  1. Only erect roofs that have are deemed to satisfy or a have rational design as defined in SANS 10400 Part L.
  2. Ensure all roof erections are done under the direct supervision of a Certified Roof Erector even if a job is subcontracted.
  3. Ensure that all erection jobs are clearly marked with the erector company’s ITC-SA CoC number in such a way that it is easily identifiable.
  4. Ensure that their erection jobs are inspected by an ITC-SA Certified Roof Inspector or Accredited Timber Engineer where they have the mandate to appoint a roof inspector.
  5. Undergo a routine compliance audit by an ITC-SA appointed independent expert at approximately 12 month intervals at their cost.

The annual cost of membership includes the accreditation of one suitably qualified person as a Certified Roof Erector.

Should any further Certified Roof Erectors need to be accredited by the ITC-SA then they will be accredited at the standard rate.

Certified Roof Erectors accredited to a member company will not need to undergo separate individual routine compliance audits from the company member.