Fabricator Company Membership

To become a Fabricator Company member a company must first enter into a licencing agreement with an ITC-SA System member.

The applicant Fabricator Company member applying for ITC-SA membership shall request, in writing for an annual audit inspection from the ITC-SA by completing the Annual Audit Application form. The audit inspection will be conducted by the ITC-SA appointed auditor / coordinator.

The Fabricator shall, on applying for this Certificate of Competence, nominate their key personnel and provide their job descriptions. The Fabricator must ensure that these personnel are available to be interviewed on the date agreed for the audit and that there is sufficient manufacturing work being performed for the Audit Inspector to make a fair appraisal of all aspects of the Truss Plant. Any additional expenses incurred due to the absence of key personnel shall be borne by the applicant.

The “Audit Inspector” must inter-alia check whether all requirements prescribed by the ITC-SA (below) are complied with in the operational activities of the Fabricator’s plant. If satisfied, the Audit Inspector will recommend the Applicant (Probationary Roof Fabricator) to the Institute for consideration for the designation of Certified Roof Fabricator.

  • The design procedures employed;
  • The presentation of quotations;
  • The competence of key personnel;
  • The quality of manufacture;
  • The erection instructions provided to the site