Certified Roof Erector

Persons applying for this category of registration must have passed the relevant Carpenter Trade Test as specified in the Manpower Training Act Section 28 or 13 and/or have obtained a carpentry qualification in terms of the Skills Development Act.

Provision is also made for previously disadvantaged individuals that have not had the benefit of completing a formal Learnership program. In this case, and where no formal qualification exists, recognition by the process of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will be applied for on the job training and experience to enable candidate to qualify.

All persons applying for this category of registration would be required to have completed the ITC-SA’s Online Course, as well as the Roof Erector requirements for registration within 12 months of applying for registration as a Certified Roof Erector.

During the 12 month prior to registration, the applicant Roof Erector will work under an identified mentor, and will be referred to as a Probationary Roof Erector.

Registered Certified Roof Erectors will need further education and training to move from a Category C/D Roof Erector to a Category A Roof Erector.

Certified Roof Erectors will not be allowed to erect roofs outside the category for which they have been registered.