Certified Roof Inspector

To qualify for the designation as Certified Roof Inspector, the applicant must have prior experience in roof design and construction, and should preferably have a recognized qualification (NQF level 5) in the built environment. This qualification may be in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, quantity surveying, and construction management.

Provision is also made for previously disadvantaged individuals that have not had the benefit of a formal education and qualification. In this case, and where no formal qualification exists, recognition by the process of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will be applied for on the job training and experience to enable candidate to qualify.

In all cases, a minimum experience of 3 years in the timber construction industry will be required. In the absence of any prior exposure to the design and construction of timber roof structures, the applicant Roof Inspector will need to complete the ITC-SA Estimator / Designer course and have pass the exams.

Although accepted that a person deemed qualified at NQF level 3 will have basic literacy and numerical skills, provision will be made to accommodate candidates that may need to undergo an oral rather than a written test to confirm competence. This process may be seen as a supplementary examination to overcome language barriers, specifically where English may be the third or fourth language of the applicant.

Prior to registration, the applicant Roof Inspector will work under an identified mentor, and will be referred to as a probationary Roof Inspector.

After having met these requirements, the Applicant Roof Inspector will undergo a minimum 2 day classroom session under the direction of any ITC-SA Accredited Timber Engineer. After the completion of the classroom sessions, an exam will be written; and an oral examination conducted where deemed to be in the best interest of the student; and then an on-site test will be done to confirm the ability of the inspector.

The Roof Inspectors applying for registration under this designation will be required to complete the above set requirements within a period of 12 months.