Why work with ITC-SA members

The ITC-SA is the only SAQA recognised professional body and ECSA recognised voluntary association representing the prefabricated timber truss industry in South Africa.

Working with an ITC-SA member gives you peace of mind, knowing you are working with professionals with proven technical competence in their field, gained through academic qualification, work experience and continuous professional development.

ITC-SA members follow a strict code of conduct, underpinned by ethical work practices and accountability for the services they provide.

Why is a roof structure so important?

Your roof is your first line of defence against the environmental elements. It protects against the sun, wind and rain.

The structural framework of your roof is the key to the integrity of the building.

This  framework is an assembly of connected trusses and beams that create a rigid structure, strong enough to hold up the weight of the roof and distribute that weight evenly on the supporting walls.  It is also vitally important that the roof is securely attached to the building to prevent movement in high winds.

All ITC-SA members

Our members cover all disciplines in the engineered timber truss industry

Company member categories

System members
Develop the software and fittings used by fabricators and designers of roof structures. 

Use system software to design and fabricate timber trusses according to the highest industry standards. 

Erector companies
Ensure that roofs are erected under the supervision of a SAQA recognised Certified Roof Erector according to SANS specifications.

Individual member categories

Certified Timber Roof Truss Designer
These professionals generally work for a fabricator company and are responsible for designing roof structures and ensuring compliance with industry standards in the fabrication process.

Certified Roof Erector
These individuals have the technical competence to supervise a team to erect a roof in compliance with industry standards.

Certified Roof Inspectors
Inspectors are responsible for assessing the rational design and erection of roof structures to ensure the specified minimum technical standards have been met.

Engineer Members and Accredited Timber Engineers
These members are engineers registered with ECSA with experience in the design and specification of timber roof trusses in the civil engineering discipline.