What we do

The ITC-SA exists to serve its members, industry stakeholders and consumers by providing a variety of services to the engineered timber truss industry.

Maintaining Industry Standards

The ITC-SA liaises with local and international bodies in the field of timber engineering to develop reliable codes of practice, material specification and to ensure the industry’s viewpoints are accommodated and protected in the compilation of all documents on grading specifications, design codes and matters effecting National Building Regulations.

Consumer Protection

The ITC-SA protects consumers and end-users by assuring the professional and legally compliant conduct of its members and thereby their services and products.

Members are subject to strict annual assessments and ongoing training to ensure they operate in compliance with industry standards.


Promotion and Marketing

The ITC-SA strives to promote its members, the service they provide and the use of timber roofing products to consumers, end users, local authorities, government agencies, lending institutions and professional groups.

Monitoring Compliance

All members of the ITC-SA agree to comply with our code of conduct.

All member qualifications and work experience is verified and companies undergo annual inspections to ensure adherence to agreed procedures and code of conduct.

Training and Education

The ITC-SA is involved in developing and publishing training material as well as running seminars, courses and workshops to share industry advances and upskill its members and the industry at large.

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Professional Recognition

The ITC-SA develops criteria to enable professional registration of its members with SAQA and continuously liaises  on behalf of members to ensure compliance with all registration requirements.

Professional Expertise

As a professional body of members practicing in the engineered timber roof industry, the ITC-SA has an extensive body of knowledge, expertise and specialised technical skills to draw on to answer technical enquiries and investigate problems  structures impartially.

Complaint Mediation

To protect the consumers and the reputation of the industry, the ITC-SA is responsible for acting on complaints from consumers relating to the professional misconduct of members in an unbiased and fair manner.