The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) hosted the first of several industry consultations on the Identification of Engineering Work (IDoEW) in August.

Government representatives and members from the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) and other Voluntary Associations attended the session.

“We are gathering views, concerns and practical recommendations on the implementation of, and compliance with, IDoEW,” says Boitumelo “Cox” Mokgoro, ECSA’s Acting CEO.

IDoEW entails the engineering activities performed by persons registered in the ECSA categories of registration and demarcates the type of work performed by different registration categories.

It requires a Registered Person to possess the core competencies within the competency areas to perform engineering work in the appropriate category of registration. It includes the core services performed by a Registered Person in any registration categories in a particular engineering discipline.

The IDoEW involves the practice areas of a particular engineering discipline within which a Registered Person performs engineering work. It includes performing core services in any of the practice areas of an engineering discipline in accordance with the scope.

The Engineering Professions Act 46 of 2000 prescribes the type of work. It calls for the identification of the type of engineering work that engineering practitioners must perform.

The Act states that “a person who is not registered in terms of the Act may not perform any work identified for any category of Registered Persons.”

An unregistered person may not pretend to be, or in any manner hold or allow himself or herself to be held as a person registered in terms of the Act. A not registered person may not use the name of any Registered Person, or any name or title referred to in the Act.

Furthermore, unregistered persons may not perform any act indicating or calculated to lead persons to believe that they are registered in terms of the Act.

Mokgoro says the IDoEW plays a significant role in expanding ECSA’s legislative mandate of regulating the profession and protecting the public, the profession and Registered Persons.

Implementing the IDoEW will assist ECSA to govern the engineering profession more effectively, and Registered Persons will benefit from a well and effectively regulated environment. ECSA will continue its industry-wide stakeholder consultations for the remainder of the financial year.

In an online engagement session in August 2021, Mokgoro said ECSA is pulling out the stops to serve the country’s engineering profession.

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