Roof trusses


Designated roof erectors keep the roofs Above our heads

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) receives several inquiries from people who want to become Certified Roof Erectors each month. Erik Söderlund, the General Manager of the ITC-SA, says he is pleased because it indicates that South Africa’s builders are increasingly aware of the need to comply with SANS 10400, the Code of Practice for the Application of

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Positive feedback from future roof inspectors

Future roof inspectors enjoyed the three-day Roof Inspector’s Course presented by Petrus Smidt in June in Cape Town. The course content is approved by the ITC and allows the attendees to claim ECSA CPD points. Smidt, is a professional engineer and member of the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA). He has vast experience in the engineered timber roofing

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AGM Endorses ITC-SA’s “Back To Roots” Strategy

The 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ITC-SA unanimously endorsed the decision of its Board of Directors in 2020 to return the Institute to its core business of representing South Africa’s prefabricated timber roof truss industry. The ground-breaking decision affirms the Institute for Timber Construction (ITC-SA’s) significant role in the country’s socio-economic development, states Erik Söderlund, the Institute’s General

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Structural timber: Know your standard dimensions, truss types and profiles

South Africa’s unique climate,  combined with specie matching and genetic engineering conducted for over a century by local forestry and sawmilling industries, underpins the country’s structural lumber products as truly world class. With that, there are critical guidelines around standard dimensions of structural timber, truss types and their profiles that must be adhered to in order to meet standard building

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Myths about timber construction: Setting the record straight

While timber construction has a relatively small footprint in South Africa, with its host of environmental and performance benefits, the building material is enjoying increasing popularity and interest among the general public and trade alike. Even so, misconceptions about timber as a construction material are still commonplace, limiting potential users from enjoying the manifold benefits of this unique, renewable building

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Maintaining your roof: The importance of inspections

[Johannesburg, 5 June 2019]: Although the importance of a roof structure as a component of a building and its functioning cannot be overstated, it is possibly one of the most neglected parts of a building. While some roof systems call for less maintenance than others, all roofing systems should be checked periodically and maintained accordingly. The Institute for Timber Construction

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Interview: Timber Construction Skills & Training

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) interviews Clifford Crosson, Manager of Coastal KZN TVET College Truss Plant and Occupational Skills Training & Trade Test Centre, and Shannon Govender, Truss Designer at Coastal KZN TVET College about skills and training in the timber construction industry and the current state of the sector. Q: What is the current state of skills

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Study: The potential of South African timber products to reduce the environmental impact of buildings

Study abstract: South Africa was the first country in Africa to implement a locally developed green building rating tool and has a growing number of rated green building projects. The method of life-cycle assessment can help to compare and assess the environmental performance of building products. At present, more than 70% of all sawn timber in South Africa is used

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Four essentials for sound roof truss construction

There are four elements in roof truss construction that are vital for a sound end result. The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) weighs in: Structural timber to be used & must comply with the design intent (SATAS or SABS marked) Structural timber needs to be marked with red ink on the face of the timber at 1m intervals.

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Specifying for timber construction

[Johannesburg, 20 April 2017]: When specifying for timber construction, it is imperative to make a thorough study of elements, such as specific designs, site conditions, the National Building Regulations as well as timber quality, to ensure a successful project. The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) weighs in. In South Africa, under the Building Standards Act (Act 103/1977 as

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