Member Companies

System Members

System members develop and support Software to design nail plated roof trusses as well as supply the specified nail plates and joiners.

The System members Software must be independently verified by ITC-SA recognised experts in the field that are also ECSA registered Engineers in the Civil Engineering discipline to ensure that the System’s software generates designs that are fully compliant with all relevant Standards and Regulations.

The System members contract with the ITC-SA to ensure that specified minimum Engineering and other technical support is provided to any Fabricators that they may licence with their software. This helps to ensures that specified minimum technical standards are met by all ITC-SA Fabricator members. This assists Professional Engineers in assessing rational designs of roofs erected by ITC-SA Fabricator members.

Fabricator Members

ITC-SA Fabricator members are licenced by the ITC-SA System members to utilise their Software in order to design and then fabricate timber roof trusses in compliance with SANS 10400 Part L.

All joiners and ancillary structural components of the fabricated truss are also supplied by the licencing System to the Fabricator member and as such are certified by the system to perform their design function when utilised as specified. Fabricator member companies undergo routine compliance audits by ITC-SA appointed independent experts to ensure that all relevant standards and regulations are met.

Erector Members

Erector member companies are expert roof erection companies that have undertaken to ensure that they only erect roofs that have a rational design or are deemed to satisfy with SANS 10400 Part L table 4.

Erector member companies also ensure that all of their erection teams only erect timber roofs under the supervision of an individual with the South African Qualification Authorities (SAQA) recognised Professional Designation of a Certified Roof Erector. Erector member companies undergo routine independent audits by the ITC-SA or their appointed expert auditor, to ensure that their erections are done in compliance with all applicable Standards and Regulations. All roofs erected by Erector members must be clearly and indelibly marked with a mark that includes their ITC-SA CoC number so as to ensure traceability.