The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) is celebrating the contribution of its members in the global circular economy with new, modern branding for its five Professional Designations.

The institute’s sought-after Professional Designations are Certified Timber Roof Truss Designer, Certified Roof Fabricator, Certified Roof Erector, Certified Roof Inspector and Accredited Timber Engineer.

“The ITC-SA plays a critical role in identifying expert practitioners and companies in the engineered timber roof truss sector,” explains Erik Söderlund, the organisation’s General Manager.

“These subject matter experts provide professional services from roof truss design through fabrication, erection inspection and engineering.

“The ITC-SA membership and branding are the keystones in the relationship between the participants in the value chain that have varying commercial interrelationships, from being entirely independent to having an exclusive supplier/purchaser relationship. It is widely recognised in the built environment as a sign of expertise and compliance.”

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognises ITC-SA as the Professional Body for the timber roof truss industry. The institute will phase in the logos and certificates for the individual ITC-SA members certified in the various SAQA-recognised Professional Designations from October.

“The new logos and redesigned certificates highlight the connection with SAQA and emphasise the Professional Designation. At the same time, they retain the familiar ITC-SA brand colours of the various membership categories,” comments Söderlund.

Professional individuals can use the logo on its own, however there are two stipulations. The logo must include their unique CoC number and the ITC-SA’s Professional Designation URL (web address), and the ITC-SA must approve it.

Söderlund says the distinctive CoC certificates issued to the System, Fabricator, and Erector member companies remain unchanged.