The Wood Manifesto, Growing Our Low-Carbon Future: Time for Timber, calls on the world’s politicians and policymakers to acknowledge the science, recognise the significance of their country’s timber and forest industries, and adopt wood more widely in their country’s built environment.

The manifesto is a collaboration between Australian, European, American, New Zealand and Canadian woodworking and sawmilling organisations, institutes, academics and individuals. The European Woodworking Industry Confederation (CEI-Bois) and the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) produced the manifesto.

In October, the internationally acclaimed engineered timber architect Andrew Waugh launched the call to action at a function hosted by the Royal Institute for British Architecture.

The manifesto concludes: “The potential climate impacts of using more wood and wood-based materials are immense: they offer solutions based on existing business models and proven technology which simultaneously store carbon and substitute fossil resources, and thus can diminish the CO2¬†emissions caused by the global building stock.”