The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognises the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) as the Professional Body representing the Engineered Timber Roof Truss Sector in South Africa.

It allows the ITC-SA to accredit five SAQA recognised Professional Designations:

  1. Certified Roof Erector
  2. Certified Roof Inspector
  3. Certified Roof Truss Designer
  4. Certified Roof Fabricator
  5. Accredited Timber Engineer.

Each Designation symbolises special recognition conferred by the ITC-SA to the person that qualifies for it. The assessment for the designations is based on the ITC-SA’s Competency Framework.

“Obtaining an ITC-SA designation showcases your commitment to your profession and career and signals to your clients that you have a particular skill and expertise,” explains Erik S√∂derlund, the General Manager of the Institute.

When the ITC-SA confers a Professional Designation to individuals who meet the requirements, SAQA records it on the National Learner Records Database (NLRD). The database is updated annually and includes the Professional Designations of all Professional Bodies (approximately 98) in South Africa.

The ITC-SA, like all Professional Bodies, assesses the following criteria when awarding a Professional Designation:

  1. The underlying qualification.
  2. Relevant nature and duration of work experience.
  3. Appropriate skills development activities or training

In addition, the annual renewal of a Professional Designation by a Professional Body is subject to:

  1. Payment of the yearly membership fee.
  2. Compliance with the organisation’s Code of Conduct.
  3. Completion of the organisation’s annual continuous professional development (CPD) requirements.