Deloitte’s 2020 edition of the Africa Construction Trends Report on managing supply chain risk and disruption in capital projects includes 385 projects with a total project value of US$399bn. Year-on-year, the total number of projects declined by 14.8%, while the total value of projects dropped by 19.8%. Here are some statistics from the report:

Project share by region

  • East Africa: 30.6% of the total share (118 projects)
  • Southern Africa: 26.5% (102 projects)
  • West Africa: 19.7% (76 projects).

The highest number of projects

  • Uganda: 27 projects
  • Kenya: 26 projects
  • Egypt 40 projects. The highest project value: US$93.7bn
  • South Africa 40 projects. The highest project value US$50.4bn
  • Nigeria’s highest project value: US$52.4bn
  • Tanzania’s highest project value US$33.5bn.

DOWNLOAD & READ THE REPORT: Africa Construction Trends Report