Harvey Roofing Tiles undergo the most stringent quality tests in order to ensure our valued end users receive a roof tile that is durable and maintenance free. However, when it comes to the actual installation of Harvey Roof Tiles, we have no direct control over the workmanship of installers.

Harvey Roofing Product provides product-specific training to installers/contractors who wish to install the Harvey Roofing products and undertake such training. The Harvey Trained Installers, as listed on our website, are neither employees or agents and operate independently, and we cannot accept responsibility for any acts or omissions of an installer, whether this relates to poor workmanship or otherwise. With this, it is prudent that when a home owner appoints a contractor, they verify that said contractor has been trained by us.

We provide training at our premises to installers and issue them with a certificate as a ‘Trained Harvey Roofing Products Installer.’ Training is done at the factory premises in Brakpan (Gauteng) at no charge. This training, is conducted by our professional team and would normally take approximately 6 hours. On-site training can be done in certain instances, and by prior arrangement.

Once training has been completed, we would visit the installation site for as many times as deemed necessary to ensure that the trainees comply with our standard of fitting Harvey tiles and accessories. Once this has been accomplished, the trained entity is issued with a document by us to confirm that it has undergone the relevant training.

For more information and booking of training, our offices can be contacted. Visit the Harvey Roofing Products website here.