The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), South Africa’s professional body for the engineered timber construction sector, seeks a suitably qualified and energetic individual to assume the position of Executive Director at their earliest convenience. 

The incumbent must be able to take full operational management and financial control of the Institute, ensure achievement of aims and objectives and assist in the future strategic direction of the Institute. The position involves understanding technical engineering principles and the ability to discuss and engage with same at National Standards level.

Ideal attributes of the successful candidate:
  • Excellent management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good organizer of people
  • Good presentation skills
  • Working knowledge of the building industry and in particular timber construction
  • Ability to provide strategic leadership
Job Description

Main purpose of the job:

  1. Take full operational management and financial control of the Institute.  To ensure achievement of aims and objectives and assisting in the future strategic direction of the Institute.
  2. The following are required:
Key result areas

Organizational skills:

  • Ensure that all Board and Executive Committee decisions are implemented;
  • Ensure that all Board and Executive Committee Meetings are properly constituted;
  • Ensure that all agendas for Board, Executive Committee and TEAC Meetings are sent out timeously;
  • Ensure that the minutes of all Executive Committee and TEAC Meetings are taken, typed and circulated to all Board/EXCO/TEAC Members;
  • Ensure compliance with the Institute’s policies and procedures;
  • Deal with daily routine matters and daily incoming problems;
  • Maintain close contact with members of the Institute and certain key organizations such as SAQA, ECSA, NHBRC, DTI, SABS Standards Committee, etc.;
  • Ensure that all correspondence is answered either through the medium of letters or e-mails;
  • Communicate at all levels with Directors of companies to erectors on building sites.
  • Manage the income and expenditure of the Institute through the generation of budgets and the creation and control of relevant spread sheets.
  • Manage Service standards through representation of the ITC-SA on appropriate bodies.
  • Apply customer-care concepts and handle customer complaints.
  • Maintain a positive working environment for staff.
  • Carry out regular presentations on the role and function of the ITC-SA with relevant role players, like Professional Bodies, Local Authorities, Banking Institutions, and Universities, etc.
Key performance areas
  • Handle incoming correspondence and reply to them where appropriate; drafting of agendas for meetings;
  • Ensure that minutes of meetings are taken, typed and distributed;
  • Guide the direction of the meeting and provide background advice to all matters at meetings;
  • Ensure that action items are attended to by the relevant person/s which appear/s on the minutes;
  • Recommends direction to be taken with regards to the strategy of the Institute;
  • Handle complaints by ensuring that the reasons for the complaint are clearly investigated and take steps where appropriate to minimize repetition of the specific type of complaint;
  • Liaising with and understanding of accounting principles with auditors;
  • Liaise and interact with regional representatives and committees;
  • Regular visits and attendance of regional general meetings of all branches;
  • Act as liaison between branches and the Board/EXCO/TEAC.
  • Continuously monitor the strategic focus of the Institute and advise the Board accordingly.
Skills and attributes required
  • Good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Able to work with minimal supervision;
  • Enquiring mind;
  • Tertiary education;
  • Some knowledge of structural and engineering principles;
  • Working knowledge of the building industry and in particular timber structures;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Good organizer of people;
  • Good presentation skills;
  • A good working knowledge of financial principles and budgeting;
  • Experience in and comfortable handling negative feedback;
  • Resilient and unflappable in high-pressure situations;
  • Have a strong and confident personality and not being easily intimidated.

Applications, including CV, cover letter and relevant support documentation may be addressed for the attention of the ITC-SA Board of Directors and sent to