The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), South Africa’s watchdog for the engineered timber construction sector, recently received renewed recognition from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a Professional Body.

As a prominent custodian of the timber construction industry in South Africa, the ITC-SA is empowered, through its ongoing SAQA accreditation, to make meaningful contributions to a healthier construction industry, support the consumer in their liaisons with the professional trade and hold its membership to a high standard.

The ITC-SA is proud to have again received recognition from SAQA as a professional body. This recognition also extends to several professional designations under its purview, including Certified Roof Erector, Certified Roof Inspector, Certified Roof Fabricator, Accredited Timber Engineer, Certified Roof Structure System Software Developer, Certified Timber Frame Builder, and Certified Timber Roof Truss Designer.

The ITC-SA has maintained its accreditation with the SAQA since 2013 and in this capacity must comply with all the requirements as set out in the National Qualifications Framework Act (NQF Act 67 of 2008) as amended. As such, the ITC-SA is bound to regulate and monitor its members’ individual profiles and performance with regards to training undertaken and completed for professional recognition. This training is set according the ITC-SA’s criteria and approved by SAQA, and is crucial for the promotion and monitoring of continuous professional development (CPD) for members to meet the relevant professional designation requirements.

More than this, the ITC-SA is there to ensure consumer protection in the use of timber engineered products in contracts entered into with its membership and to regulate the professional conduct of its members. Where prima facie evidence confirms professional misconduct, in order to protect the consumer and the reputation of the industry, the ITC-SA shall apply proper sanctions.

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