The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), South Africa’s professional body for the engineered timber construction industry, is proud to announce its renewal of recognition by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional body and registration of its professional designations on the National Qualifications Framework.

The renewal, in terms of Section 23 of the Policy and Criteria for Recognising a Professional Body and Registering a Professional Designation for the Purposes of the National Qualifications Framework Act, Act 67 of 2008, is for a five-year period and is “subject to the favourable outcome of a monitoring and evaluation process conducted by SAQA”.

Having taken place on the 9th of March 2018, the renewal of recognition included the registration of the following professional designation on the NQF:

  • Accredited Timber Engineer
  • Certified Roof Erector
  • Certified Roof Fabricator
  • Certified Roof Inspector
  • Certified Roof Structure System Software Developer
  • Certified Timber Frame Builder
  • Certified Timber Roof Truss Designer

Amanda Obbes, ITC-SA General Manager, comments, “The renewal of the ITC-SA’s recognition as a professional body along with its professional designations is an important milestone for the Institute in its endeavours to boost both skills development in the trade as well as the quality and proficiency with which the industry serves the consumer.”

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